When talking about agriculture’s impact on the environment, many people bring up the ecological destruction of palm oil production, as about 26 million acres rainforest have been cleared for palm tree farms. In comparison, 136 million rainforest acres have been cleared for animal agriculture. 214,000 square miles are occupied by cattle, while other lands are used for growing crops to feed livestock.

It takes 1.5 acres of land to produce 37,000 pounds of plant foods, while the same amount of land can only produce 375 pounds of meat. We are faced with an ultimatum: feeding the world, or creating a sustainable society. If everyone shifts towards incorporating more plant-based foods into their diet, we can feed the world, AND create sustainability!


What else can you do?

If you love trees and the environment, you may want to consider incorporating a plant-based diet into your lifestyle. 

The world loves its meat and dairy products, but what impact does the animal agriculture industry have on the environment? 

Animal agriculture is responsible for up to 91% of Amazon destruction

Each day, when an individual consumes a plant-based diet instead of a meat-based diet, they save 30 square feet of forested land.