Promoting Sustainablity

Tree Lovers has collaborated closely with schools to promote environmental education and responsible forestry. After finding immense success in getting an entire school district to commit to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paper, we realized that we wanted to take on the challenge of educating every school about responsible forestry, and persuade every administration to switch to a sustainable paper source. While this started with education, this is not only limited to schools. We also want to reach every business, organization, and individual striving to make this world more sustainable.

When making the right choice costs less

Sometimes, making the right ecological choice may have some financial burden. In this case, when divesting your school, business, or organization’s paper source from clear-cut, to FSC paper, you are also saving money. After investigation, we have found distributors who sell FSC certified printer paper for cheaper than standard, clear-cut sourced printer paper. 

FSC Certified vs Standard Paper


Be the change you
want to see.

Tree Lovers has gathered information to help you get your school or organization to source their paper responsibly. Click HERE to download our responsible paper purchasing resources to allow you to hit the ground running on your new project!