Poem by a Reader

Thank you to Rasmus Fog for crafting this poem about trees for us. We love hearing from other concerned environmentalists. Please feel free to contact us. We can answer any questions you have. And now, please enjoy this poem:

What a calamity that people can chop down trees
Without sleeping without trees
Will we ever wake up to a world? - To world without trees
Tis ‘outrageous that people
Ripped the trees that give us...
Economical is the way
Else, will we fall into a consummation? 
Lose the heirs, which would have ruled this world
Other will see the dread, 
Vain is the act, awry is our ego
Even though we devoutly grab our slings
Respect have a bourn, th’ fortune have too
Sicklied is our empire, absent trees...
Crack my world with a Bodkin
Oppose my call, for a penny
Maybe, perchance... We die among trees